My BSR Journey

My BSR journey started with the words “Surgery or Cortisone injections into the spine”. In 2004 I slipped and fell, laughing it off and not being able to move 4 days later, my left leg was numb up to my knee. Going the normal route of manipulation and physiotherapy, I improved but still ended up with chronic discomfort. My running days were over and if I gardened too long I’d suffer for days after. This carried on for almost a year until I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon, he told me I had intervertebral discs that looked like an 80 year old but I was only 40 at the time.

I decided that surgery was too invasive and even though I’d had one Cortisone injection and I woke up pain free for the first time in months, I knew this to be only a short term measure for relief. By this stage I’d spent a fortune on MRI scans on my left knee due to the acute pain and additionally for massages due to recurring migraines. However all these symptoms were ultimately related to the stress in my lower back. A colleague then told me to go and see her BSR practitioner, Charlotte, for relief. I was amazed that such a gentle procedure could have such a profound effect on my body.

I returned stronger, taking up mountain biking with no back issues or related symptoms and the numbness in my left leg and other referred symptoms had gone due to internal communication and functionality being restored by the BSR process. In addition the migraines I’d suffered most in my late 20’s and 30’s had disappeared.

I needed to make a fundamental change in my life as I realised it was not only physical stress that had overloaded my body but also emotional stress. I enrolled in 2008 to become a BSR practitioner and from that moment on, it became a passion of mine, to help my clients to make better life choices for themselves and to take control of their health. Every day, my practice is a blessing, as I witness the transformation of my clients not only physically, but in their enhancement of self-empowerment and inner strength.