What is Body Stress?

Understanding Stress Effects on the Body

When the body is stressed, muscles tense up. Muscle tension is a reflex reaction to stress – the body’s way of guarding against injury and pain. With sudden onset stress, the muscles tense up all at once, but release their tension when the stress passes. Chronic stress however, causes the muscles in the body to be in a constant state of guardedness and when muscles are taut and tense for long periods of time, this promotes stress-related disorders e.g. headaches associated with neck and shoulder stress, heartburn relating to lower back tension, stiffness, pain and also numbness.

It is also possible for Body Stress to be present without the individual feeling any pain or stiffness –  the body has simply come to accept the sense of having less than hundred percent well being as normal. Tense muscles put pressure on nerves disturbing the body’s communication system and reducing the efficiency of the natural healing process. As we differ in our emotional and physical make-up, we have varying degrees of susceptibility to stress overload. Body Stress is a powerful factor in everyone’s life, undermining the optimum state of health and well-being and reducing the body’s efficiency.

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